We’re members of the REC, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. But what does that mean for our clients?

One of our founding and most valued principles at ESS is our unwavering requirement that the remarkable standard of our candidates is matched only by the quality of the positions we fill. Our REC Membership supports us in this effort, enabling ESS to observe the highest principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in dealing with others.

When we first joined the REC 2 years ago, we were obligated to sign up to the REC Code, which requires basic statutory compliance as well as higher ethical principles. REC membership therefore is more than an accolade, it is an obligation to keep abreast of best practice within our industry and biennial testing ensures that we consistently meet that obligation to a high standard.

The REC also publish valuable research and insights and have an important role to play in improving standards within the industry. As members, we are actively contributing to the betterment of the industry and advocate the need for change at government level. The REC aims to build the best job market in the world and we’re proud to be supporting a climate conducive to this.

Should I always use an REC Member recruitment firm?

We are not at the stage yet where membership of a trade association is compulsory within the industry, nor would it be fair to sully the name of those who have chosen not to seek REC membership. Not all consultants are created equally, however, and an experience with one agency is not necessarily reflective of others. REC membership requires that all who carry the title are bound by a code of strict standards of practice, which should offer peace of mind to businesses wishing to enlist the services of a recruitment specialist.

Our membership demonstrates our commitment but at ESS it is more than just membership. We understand that lives are changed by employment and the right employees change businesses for the better. We’re committed to making a real difference to the candidates and businesses we work with

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